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Napoleon Hill Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement, Napoleon Hill, ISBN: 978-0452272811
The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Expanded and Updated), Timothy Ferriss, ISBN: 978-0307465351
The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand, ISBN: 0452273331

Olivier Langlois, author of the Dominate LinkedIn formula ebook

My name is Olivier Langlois and I am a full time Online Entrepreneur. I live in Montreal,Canada and I graduated in electrical engineering at E.T.S. I have spent 15 years as a Software developer including the last three years as an incorporated consultant.

I have been in the telecommunication industry doing, among other things, embedded protocol stacks. I have also worked for the FAA to develop the next generation oceanic ATM system. I was in charge of ATM protocols. After a while, I needed new challenges so I made a jump for a short period of time in the video game industry by working for Quazal, an online multiplayer middleware provider for PCs and video game consoles such as the Xbox, the Xbox360, the PlayStation 2, 3 and Portable. I have worked at StreamTheWorld doing Internet audio/video streaming for 3 years. I have touched the financial industry by working at Morgan Stanley for 18 months.

During my whole software development career, I had a burning desire to push forward my career and by doing so, I have encountered several challenges in career management. Be it seeking the dream job, convincing employers at job interviews, getting a promotion, negotiating with peers, management and clients. I had quit my software development career to share my experience and wisdom acquired with others. My main thrust is to help an average employee to get the job of his dream, empower himself, and become admired.

The tutorials found on this page have been written mostly during the early stage of my career. For some time, I have been a hardcore Windows developer until I made a serious 180 and decided to focus my effort and energy to learn and master Linux. My newer writings can be found on my blogs and in the form of articles on my ebook website. That being said, I cannot deny that period of my career and these tutorials are still visited so keeping them online is my contribution to keep a trace of a distant past. Please enjoy them if they can help you.

C++ Windows Programming tutorials:
Small C++ class to transform any static control into a hyperlink control for Windows
This small and efficient C++ class is compatible with Win32 API programs and MFC programs as well.
Add clipboard copy functionality easily to Windows programs with metafiles in C++
A tutorial on how to implement clipboard copy to Windows programs with metafiles in C++.
Enhance your dynamic memory allocation in C++ with an undocumented MFC class (CFixedAlloc)
This tutorial describes how to improve dynamic allocation performance in C++ on a class basis in a non-intrusive way with an undocumented MFC utility class (CFixedAlloc).
Real case example of using the undocumented MFC class CFixedAlloc
A tutorial that presents an example on how to incorporate the undocumented MFC class CFixeAlloc optimization into existing MFC software
Alternative to MFC for GDI programming
Exploring the MFC GDI classes' inner working and proposing an alternative.
Control Client area minimum size (WM_GETMINMAXINFO) with MFC in C++
Controlling the client view minimum size with WM_GETMINMAXINFO with MFC in C++ can be tricky. This tutorial propose an elegant and reusable solution to this problem.
Avoid trapping the focus in dialog windows in C++
A tutorial on how to avoid focus problems in a dialog window in C++.
Automate Microsoft Outlook from C++
A tutorial on how to implement Microsoft Outlook automation in C++.
Idioms for using C++ in C programs (Part 1 of 2)
A tutorial that presents simple guidelines on how to use/mix C++ from C.
Patterns for refactoring C programs with C++ (Part 2 of 2)
A tutorial that presents high-level patterns for refactoring C programs with C++

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